AKER English Rosé, 75cl
AKER English Rosé, 75cl
AKER English Rosé, 75cl
AKER English Rosé, 75cl
AKER English Rosé, 75cl
AKER English Rosé, 75cl

AKER English Rosé, 75cl

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AKER blends the indulgent aroma of strawberries and cream with refreshing citrus tones - the ideal accompaniment for warm, lazy afternoons and long evenings shared with the ones you love.

A fruity, refreshing English aperitif, AKER is made with a combination of rosé wines from Chapel Down, raspberry eau-de-vie from Capreolus and English botanicals. The result is notes of strawberries and cream, lively citrus, summery blossoms, and juicy raspberry. Enjoy this aperitif in a spritz, or mixed with a light tonic and fresh mint and strawberries.

AKER is made for sharing. So gather your favourite people and enjoy the taste of England with one of our unique serves.



The very best of the English summertime in one glass.

Fill a wine glass with lots of ice

Add 60ML AKER English Rosé

A splash of soda or light tonic and gently stir

Garnish with English strawberries and home-grown mint



An elegant serve to chitter chatter with friends at dusk, laughter filling the air, glass in hand. Pure perfection.

Fill a wine glass with ice

Pour 60ML AKER English Rosé

Add 30ml Chapel Down Sparkling Bacchus

Top with Soda

Garnish with a fresh English strawberry



Sweet notes of strawberry combines with deep, earthy whisky tones and a sharp, revitalising twist. Made for those moments that are unforgettable in nature.

Fill a mixing glass with lots of ice

Add 50ML AKER English Rosé

Add 50ML (Rye) Whiskey of choice

Stir down, strain & pour into a Nick and Nora Cocktail Glass

Garnish with a twist of lemon