While travelling the world, BIRDS came up with the idea to create their own Premium Gin with the goal to combine German craftsmanship with the best ingredients from all over the world. Not only does BIRDS stand for a great Gin, but also for the community behind it, who share their love for travelling, adventures and enjoyment, and have the constant goal of broadening their horizons.

Our spirits contain the finest ingredients from all over the world - 15 handpicked botanicals from 5 continents. The composition of the main ingredients, which include juniper berries, Mediterranean basil, fresh citrus fruits, ginger and berries, makes our Gin a unique tasting experience.

Only 700 hand-numbered bottles are produced per batch. The small batches are handmade in Germany in the traditional Copper Pot Still. Since only the best natural ingredients are used, each batch is unique and therefore limited to 700 pieces

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