Starward Tawny Cask
Starward Tawny Cask
Starward Tawny Cask

Starward Tawny Cask

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Australian single malt whisky, matured in Australian red wine barrels

STARWARD started with a simple vision; create a distinctly Australian whisky unshackled from tradition 


500ml 48% ABV

A rich, straight sipper for after dinner.

To create the limited-edition Tawny cask expression, Starward matured their signature single malt whisky in Tawny fortified wine barrels.

Each barrel was a smaller 100L octave size which provides an extra full-bodied taste from more interaction during maturation.

For the perfect balance of character Starward used a combination of fresh Tawny barrels from Yalumba for vibrant fruity flavours and charred Tawny barrels from SA Cooperage to add toasty oak complexity.

With notes of raisin, brown sugar, fig and dried orange, it’s the ultimate whisky for pairing with blue cheeses like stilton and roquefort, with rich desserts or, as a digestif.