Droplets by Javier de las Muelas
Droplets by Javier de las Muelas
Droplets by Javier de las Muelas
Droplets by Javier de las Muelas

Droplets by Javier de las Muelas

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Javier de las Muelas, founder of Dry Martini Barcelona - voted one of the top ten bars in the world for the last six years - has spent two years creating the innovative DROPLETS. The range has created a new category for the world's best bars and kitchens aspiring to reinterpret high quality dishes and cocktails with pioneering natural, authentic ingredients.

DROPLETS are 100% natural, alcohol free flavours. Just three Drops create endless gastronomic possibilities.

Box set of 12 Flavours:

FRESH GINGER: Citric, spicy, cool and fresh. This Droplet reproduces the vibrant flavour and aroma of freshly cut ginger, while allowing for precise application which is usually challenging with this vibrant root.

FRESHLY CUT CELERY: Freshly cut celery turned into flavourful Drops. Pairs with citrus, sherry and even Drops on creamy Stilton Cheese.

SWEET VIOLETS: Reproducing the intense violets’ flavour in a single Drop. A delicious aroma which makes delicate Gin & Tonics or floral cocktails without adding sugar. Also use with spirits or syrups, or as an ingredient in baking.

MEDITERRANEAN ROSEMARY: Using this Droplet allows you standardise the intensity with this usually challenging herb.

ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY: One of the most innovative from the range; a fresh and delicate honey that does not add any sweetness. Explore a perfectly dry 'Honey Martini', or serve an American whiskey dressed with delicate notes of honey, yet with no sweetness.

HOT CHILI PEPPER: A clean, fiery kick without vinegary notes, this Droplet offers a spicy taste that evokes freshly cut jalapenos. A few precise Drops mean your cocktails and dishes always have the perfect spice and aroma.

VAN GOGH ABSINTHE: This legendary distillate has an attractive aniseed flavour. This Droplet allows this unique flavour and scent to be added to cocktails and traditional dishes, without adding alcohol.

OAK SMOKE: This Droplet has endless applications; it provides a balanced smoky oak intensity which can be used in tea, rum cocktails, in a whisky blend or as seafood seasoning.

TONKA BEAN: A seed found mainly in South America which has a delicate scent with flavours of almond, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. Pairs well with aged distillates and tropical flavours.

GREEN CARDAMOM:  A classic ingredient in oriental cuisine; intensely flavoured, slightly spicy and herbal. Combine with green apple, passion fruit or rum blends. The easy application allows for this spice to be integrated in a range of cocktails, instantly and accurately.

INDIAN SPICES: Rich, intense flavour of masala spices without the earthy texture or saltiness usually found when using traditional spices. Perfect for use in teas, juices, soups and cocktails.

DARJEELING TEA & CHAMOMILE: Created to enable a simple and accurate way to add a defined and elegant taste of tea and chamomile. Pair with fruity cocktails, sorbets and cold fruit desserts.